The Facts

RAYEdiant Products

Every earring is assembled by hand.

Customization of color, style or fabric is not available.

Styles, beading and fabrics are subject to change or discontinue after a collection is released. 

Product Knowledge & Care

It's important to note that raw fabric expands and cures in its own unique way over time.

There is no earring pair that is identical to the next, that's what makes them unique.


Allow fringe to cure and curl on their own, do not pull the fabric.

Denim used can change between dark wash, and light blue denim depending on resources. The style and size will remain the same.

Gentle hand washing, try to keep soap on fabric only.


Keep clean hands and face for these beauties! 

It's cotton, and will stain as a shirt does. 

Gentle hand washing, try to keep soap on fabric only.

A tide stick will do as well for detailed stain removal.


Have fun with these!

Yarn fringe will not unravel if taken care of properly, treat it like you would a sweater that you don't want to get snagged.

Important to note, the yarn used is both acrylic and cotton

Gentle hand washing, try to keep soap on fabric only.

Leather & Suede

It's not faux, so treat it with love.

Water will cause slight damage but only if submerged. Typical leather or Suede/Nu-buck cleaner will help any pair.

Beading & Wire

The wire used is not hypoallergenic, some of the beads are made with acrylic, resin and metals.

Please do not purchase if you are unsure of your bodies reactions to these materials.


Please order with the expectation of orders taking 10 to 12 business days to ship.

Orders will be shipped to the exact address entered on the site when purchasing.

Every order will have a tracking number and come with product cleaning instructions delivered via email.

All orders are shipped out in a timely fashion to the information provided and will not be responsible for undelivered packages due to incorrect address input. Please check thoroughly before checking out.

Return Policy

Sales are final

All earrings are made to order and carefully examined before release.

Sizes, colors, details are available before purchase please read thoroughly before proceeding with your order. 

If there are any issues with the adornment at all, please email me to find a resolution.

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Email: Be.RAYEdiant@gmail.com

Handle With Care. Wear With Intention.