The Vibes

With Love, Traye 


I'm Tiffany 'Traye' Moore, a creative soul, entrepreneur, and a 20 something New Yorker with a love for unique personal style,  vibrant colors and quirky adornment in the style of earrings. 

My love for fabric earrings specifically has been a constant for as long as I can remember. I began making my own at the age of 15 after visiting a street festival in Brooklyn, NYC.

Over the years I've used beading, wire, leather, even pipe cleaners to make my own pieces. 

It's always been fun and always made me feel amazing when wearing such daring creations, especially the looks I get from people not bold enough to give it a try.

Fashion is not my lane, but unique earrings are my steeze and something I'd love to see people who understand the swag of it all, give it their own twist.

The different styles are name after the terms people have labeled my personality with over time that has in fact given me my own radiance!

"Loud" "Extra", "Sultry" & "Lit"

The earrings themselves are named after Women both famous and not, that I love or admire.

I hope you enjoy the different collections, colors and energy each piece carries along with it.

I look forward to seeing you all out here being RAYEdiant!